Our mission

Giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together


Our products empower more than 3 billion people around the world to share ideas and offer support.


Working at Orqut

At Orqut, we’re building innovative new ways to help people feel closer to each other, and the makeup of our company reflects the diverse perspectives of the people who use our technologies.


Our principles

They embody what we stand for and guide our approach to how we build technology for people and their relationships.


Give People a Voice

People deserve to be heard and to have a voice — even when that means defending the right of people we disagree with.


Build Connection and Community

Our services help people connect, and when they’re at their best, they bring people closer together.


Serve Everyone

We work to make technology accessible to everyone, and our business model is ads so our services can be free.


Keep People Safe and Protect Privacy

We have a responsibility to promote the best of what people can do together by keeping people safe and preventing harm.


Promote Economic Opportunity

Our tools level the playing field so businesses grow, create jobs and strengthen the economy.


Our leadership

Orqut’s leaders are guiding our company as the Orqutverse evolves, helping to create the next evolution of digital connection.